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"Now I will do nothing but listen … I hear all sounds running together, combined, fused or following, Sounds of the city and sounds out of the city, sounds of the day and night​…​" (2019)

by The Phlod-Nar

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The idea with this track was to create some kind of background music with unused recordings (old and new), field recordings, improvisations, experiments, and other music I've never used or released. I accidentally ran into the voice dialogue of the 1957 educational film "What is HiFi". I thought it would work to oppose the music to this dialogue. I think the dialogue brings your attention back, and so would get you listen to the music and sounds again.


released November 19, 2019
All music and field recordings are recorded at my home (Tessenderlo, Belgium) otherwise mentioned. The voices from the film run throughout the entire piece.
Here's an indication of what you hear:

[0:00 - 3:58] music: Bloom + Alchemy app;
[1:27 - 3:15] voice dialogue
[3:19 - 5:05] music: wind chimes (recorded in Haarlem, Holland), handsonic percussion; Achyutaraya Temple frogs (recorded in Periyar National Park, India)
[5:06 - 7:02] music: broken piano (recorded in Antwerp, Belgium); bees (recorded in Schiermonnikoog, Holland); noise, voice dialogue;
[7:02 - 7:20] voice dialogue
[7:14 - 10:25] music: Animoog + Impaktor app; bunch of keys
[10:20 - 10:45] voice dialogue
[10:45 - 12:22] music: piano; record player noise
[12:25 - 13:01] voice dialogue
[12:59 - 15:50] music: Impaktor app + Freesong iPad app; birds + unknown sound (recorded in Veluwe, Holland)
[16:09 - 17:33] music: out of tune harpsichord (recorded in Wijnegem, Belgium); birds + water (recorded in Schiermonnikoog, Holland), wind (recorded in Beverlo, Belgium)
[17:35 - 17:52] voice dialogue
[17:49 - 19:20] gong (recorded in Haarlem, Holland); church prayer voices (recorded in Italy)
[19:22 - 22:01] music: TonePad app; birds + ocean (probably recorded in Schiermonnikoog, Holland), noise (unknown recording)
[21:38 - 22:12] voice dialogue
[22:03 - 22:58] music: singing bowls
[23:00 - 24:40] music: piano (recorded in Heerlen, Holland); footsteps (probably recorded in Beverlo, Belgium)
[24:21 - 24:56] voice dialogue, noise.

The title comes from the book by R. Murray Schafer "The Soundscape - Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World".




The Phlod-Nar Belgium

Dutch composer Randolph, residing in Belgium.
Creator of adventurous, out-of-the-box, “highly original” music.
No specific genre. Anything is possible, by any means.
Everything between accessible & emotional to uncomfortable & dystopian music.
Active from 1996.
The releases presented here are usually completely different from each other.
Please wander around until you find something you like!
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