In Eternity (2010)

by The Phlod-Nar



UPDATE: This album will be re-released in 2020 with the original tracks (also some in 24 + 32-bit) and a lot of bonus material (exclusive music, ringtones, etc.).
There's also new artwork created especially for this re-issue!
Stay tuned!

In Eternity is The Phlod-Nar’s new album, just completed after working on it for 1,5 years. Without a doubt this is by far his most varied work to date. While on his last albums To Inhale and Wanjina focusing mainly on one genre each (electronic and classical), In Eternity presents a natural sounding mixture of electronic, classical and acoustic sounds. The music often changes quickly from, let’s say, jumpy drum ‘n bass to ambient to atmospheric rock (Big Treats for Small People). Or in Still with our Heads in the Clouds from meditative acoustic/classical to an unfolding beat and ending with a large orchestra. Other tracks have less styles but still sound unique: A simple touch, to last forever has an irregular beat combined with a warm clarinet and sounds of insects. Or drum ‘n bass and classical/piano/organ in I can see star Antares in your eyes. Also the album has a 4 part classical work titled The Elements; from dark strings (Air) to a staccato wind ensemble (Fire), and from a slowly expanding orchestra (Earth) to a string quartet (Water).

NOTE: due to 32-bit recording some files have been restored to fit the 16-bit CD audio standards. This has caused some adjustments to some of the tracks; some slight quality differences in audio can be heard.


released November 15, 2010

Production: The Phlod-Nar
Label: Temonos Productions (TP013)
Recorded: 2009/2010
Equipment: programming, clarinet, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, keyboard, Handsonic 10, electro-acoustic sounds, various samples, etc.




The Phlod-Nar Belgium

Dutch composer Randolf Smeets, residing in Belgium.
Creator of adventurous, out-of-the-box, highly original (quote), electroclassicoustic music (meaning any genre, by any means).
Everything between accessible & emotional to uncomfortable & dystopian music.
Active from 1996.
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